Rachel has undergone extensive training in the holistic treatment of Infertility and its associated conditions. She specializes in reproductive disorders, including PCOS, anovulation, recurrent miscarriage, male factor infertility, ART and IVF support, elevated FSH and other challenges women and couples may face in conception and birthing healthy babies. Rachel works with couples providing natural fertility enhancement through nutrition, acupuncture, herbal prescription and lifestyle interventions. She also works hand-and-hand with Reproductive clinics and endocrinologists to support couples who have chosen to undergo IVF and other ART to meet their fertility objectives. She is well-versed in conventional treatment of infertility.

Rachel is a fellow of ABORM, the American Board of Oriental and Reproductive Medicine. She passed an advanced examination produced by leading Reproductive Endocrinologists and Acupuncturists in Infertility treatment. In preparation, she demonstrated clinical competency and two years of focused coursework. Rachel deeply appreciated the opportunity to advance her skills, and is an avid student of medical literature and Chinese classical texts to apply to her specialty.

Rachel is on faculty at Green Medicine Institute & Five Branches University. The Green Medicine Institute offers an international panel of experts on holistic medicine. Five Branches University is the Chinese Medical school in San Jose. Rachel applies her gift as an educator to patient care. She has a unique ability to approach questions in a western semantic, while succinctly applying concepts from eastern medical theory.

Rachel has also trained at two hospitals in China, in Hangzhou and Chengdu. She followed a specific course on Women’s health and endocrinology and often works with patients with pre-diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disturbances, and premature ovarian failure.

Her clinic is a Fertile Soul clinic, one of 30 in the world, which demonstrates her affiliation with Dr. Randine Lewis, who she also counts as a true mentor and friend. She refers patients to the powerful process available thru Fertile Soul retreats www.TheFertileSoul.com. Rachel has also trained with leading experts in fertility enhancement: Jane Lyttleton, Dr. Daoshin Ni, Brandon Horn and Wendy Yu, Ray Rubio, Mike Berkeley, Sharon Feng, David Euler and others.

Rachel is on staff at the Pacific Fertility Center, where she interfaces with patients undergoing IVF and is co-conducting a research study on IVF and acupuncture.

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